Turntables are Making a Comeback

One of the most important innovations in the past has found a new use in the present. Turntables were an important part of music culture at one time, but with the advent of the tape cassette and then the CD, turntables became a memory. Today however there is a new use for turntables. Musicians are using them as instruments and doing a really great job of finding a new use for a piece of classic equipment. Today there are many technically advanced turntables that people use for various things.

USB Turntables for Listening to Albums

Today there are many of us who still have our old vinyl albums and no way to play them. For some reason or another we just can’t get rid of them for reasons of nostalgia, even if we own them all on CD as well. With the use of a USB turntable you can now plug directly into your computer and play your old records with no problem. This is a great way to listen to your old favorites without having to purchase a new home stereo rig. It is hard to find them in stores but they are available on the internet.

USB Turntables for Recording

There are other great uses for a USB turntable. If you have the right software, you can now take your old albums and transfer them to CD. You can also convert them to MP3. One thing about listening to albums that some people love and some people hate is the cracks and pops. You can leave these in so that it sounds like you are listening to your original vinyl or you can use the software to filter them out and get a much clearer sound than they had before.

Making Music with Turntables

Today there are musicians who use turntables as instruments. You would be amazed to hear some of the music that can be made with a simple record. It takes a lot of practice but if you invest the time you can make some really cool music. If you are using a USB turntable, you can even record your music to CD and listen to it when you are out and about. Scratching records is a major part of the hip hop scene and many people find that they enjoy creating music this way over using more traditional instruments like guitars and drums.

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